Posted by: syamsalleh | February 8, 2009

Sultan’s Verdict : Would it solve the problem?

Choosing BN over Pakatan Rakyat just because a few ADUN members decided to  jump to another ship will not solve the problem, I think. I have a very strong faith and respect towards the Sultan of Perak’s credibility and experience but I do think, for once at least, he made the least likeable decision. The decision that made him like no other than Louis XVI of France, the last king of France.

It’s a pity! It happened within the same very week that the statement that he recommendded that the Rulers should be neutral or if not the Throne will end up in museum. These statements have somehow only reflected back to the Sultan and The Sultanate of Perak. The Sultanate of Perak is the only remaining, direct descendant of the great  Sultanate of Melaka which was a fraction of the great Srivijaya Empire. It is indeed true when the Sultan consulted the corrupt aristocrats and trusting the wrong people made the downfall of the mighty empire. The last Sultan of Melaka Sultan Mahmud was more into the tactful corrupt bangsawans rather than the entire people as a whole.

It repeated itself again during the reign of Louis XVI of France who have trusted the corrupt and ruthless Borjois’ rather than the poor, hungry and needy peasants. The King have denied their peasants’ rights.

We can make it a change but we must deal with it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the poor and starved peasants refused to take the breads provided by Queen Marie Antoinette because they think the bread is no longer be enough and drastic changes needed. They think they need a revolution and a revolution they had. They murdered the last King and Queen of France. The throne and vast places are museums now.

Personally I don’t want this to happen here but the Sultan needs to understand the needs of the people. The Sultan must also stop adhering advises from whom the people potrays as corrupt political leaders.

By saying it’s the Sultan’s jurisdiction dan authority alone is not enough to satisfy the situation. The people struggled to make this clear and to remind the monarch of his other equally important responsibility, the people. Remember the phrase “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah” which means wise king will be adhered, ruthless king wil be overthroned. This expression was not created yesterday and have been practised for a very long period of time.

Don’t wait until the bread is not enough to satisfy the starved peasants. Hungry men are angry men. They would do anything to reach their goals. History is the real time proof for that.


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