Posted by: syamsalleh | January 7, 2009

An Old Photo

Ucu, is what I address my maternal aunt, showed me this picture when she just moved into her new house. Well it is her weekend house. I would call it her summer house but it’s summer all year round in this part of the world.

I remember this photo when I was albit younger and now it reappears to the surface bringing along the memory which somehow did not register to my brain. Honestly, I have no recollection of such event.

She said that was my first Cameron Highland’s excursion. I was 2 at that time. Err that was emm 27 years ago. Now the thought of I’m old flashing so brightly.

Observing from this picture, I realised that both individual seems happy. I obviously had no objection with the excursion and neither did her. We were buying flowers, I supposed. Not to mention the theme colour. That shows how closed we were. We still are. After all her weekend house is just 12 floor above my apartment.

Ucu and me

Ucu and me



  1. Wah,.. tetiba rasa dah tua yee.. errrr bukan untuk lelaki ‘life begin at 40 ehh? huhuhuhhu…

    p/s: kecik2 lagi dah pandai pilih bunga.. cumelnya..

  2. well, it’s something through the blood..he..he..

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