Posted by: syamsalleh | November 30, 2008

It’s not easy to be me…

As time passing by, the feeling has grew stronger than ever.

Do you ever felt the way I do now?

It is now more and more difficult being me. Sometimes it can be unbearable.



  1. …my dear friend, I do felt the way you feel sometimes, but I try my very best to see it the other way…”do not feel sad or regret for what we can’t have or loss…be grateful with what we still have”…that’s what keep me going on…

  2. Thanks cta for those comforting words!

  3. Syam, kenapa nih??? Aku tak tahu apa sebenarnya yang kau rasa for the time being. No matter how hard I try, I could never feel the same way as you.

    Kalau perasaan yang kau rasakan sekarang ini suatu perasaan yang menggembirakan, then I am happy for you.

    Kalau ia merunsingkan dan memerlukan satu keputusan, pohonlah pada Allah agar tunjukkan jalan yang benar dan mohon untuk legakan runsing tersebut.

    Kalau ia sesuatu yang menyedihkan, luahkan kesedihan itu seadanya sahaja, kemudian fikirkan the bright side of it.

    Life must goes on dear… semoga berjaya

  4. wah,.. see syahrul, u ve got so many lovely friends around you!
    Guys, korang sweet!

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