Posted by: syamsalleh | November 24, 2008

Slave of Democracy

You may not agree with me. Have it a think!

We raised the issue. We voiced our opinions. We gave suggestions. Sometimes we tried to provide solutions. Do we get the results that we should?

How much we tried, these politicians only keep their ears close. Eyes wide shut. I’m not really sure if we are the ones who are being part of their ignorance or they themself are the victims of their own game.

Have we done our part? Yes…We did it through our votes. We did it through suggestion columns. We did with our whole heart hoping for a better tomorrow by cleaning up today’s mess. Sometimes we covered their backs but who’s going to look on ours. Democracy should be a two-way system. I vote you, you help me, remember!

Have they done theirs? Well… They would say yes but a lot yet to be done. A typical vote request in disguise. You can answer this by yourself.

Haven’t we have enough of slaving ourselves for democracy? In return democracy turn it’s back on us. Left us with despair. Left us to it’s culprit. Yet, we still have faith in democracy after being betrayed there and then, yet and again.

In the end, we are only a slave of democracy. The system we believed in has lost it’s value through some ugly politicians. Aren’t we all only a slave of democracy.



  1. No, you’re a slave of your politicians. If the system is shifted towards a greater number of issues being decided via referendum votes as opposed to legislation passed by an elected oligarchy, then you’ll be free and it will be even more democratic.

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