Posted by: syamsalleh | November 22, 2008

I have a dream…once…

I have a dream once…

It’s still with me…

It’s not that big nor that small…

But it’s mine…


Should I continue this dream,

And giving dream a second chance,

And giving hope a chance to dream,

And giving me the chances to dream and hope.


But I better let go..

Coz it’s too late now..

If I continue dreaming..

Reality will leave me behind..


Choosing to dream is easy,

Dreaming is easy,

Choosing reality is not that easy,

Reality is lifetime journey.



  1. Syam, it will never too late to do something you like and to be what you’ve dream of. One thing you should know that, a reality is a birth of dream. So, dare to dream and dare to realize it.

    What differentiate great people from ordinary peolpe is those who manage to turn their dream to reality. Be one of them. All the best…

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