Posted by: syamsalleh | November 22, 2008

A cannon as my dowry

When we speak about heritage, inheritance and culture, it always gives us different perspectives from a person to another.

I was having a conversation with cta and kamal suddenly this topic came out.

“My grandma received a cannon as her dowry from my grandad” Cta said.

As ussual, Kamal would laugh to these kind of statements. And as a critical thinking person I would suggest that her grandad was a Melanau warrior.

To think of it, it is not something ridiculous. Traditionally, old generations have unique way in terms of giving presents. Songket, batik, and all those silver and brassware are included. Keris, daggers, spears, golok (like a sword) among others.

During those days, cannon also symbolises a warrior where to get involved in wars were frequent. Judging from where her grandma is living, yup, you need a cannon alright!

Thank God that during her wedding her father did not ask a cannon as her dowry from Hayazi. Well if he did, Kamal would have to carry it. he..he..he…Okay..okay… I would have helped!

Perhaps it happenned in Semenanjung a long, long time ago. If it happens today, all guests would have ran for their lives. he..he..he..People would asked “Are you going to war?” Nope. It’s a wedding we are attending. That would be the talk about town for generations, I tell you!

Perhaps the cannon she had is something like this

Perhaps the cannon she had is something like this



  1. My late grandad was not a warrior. He was a rubber tapper, paddy planter & doing all sort of villge job to raise his 10 children. During my grandparents era the gift of the wedding symbolize the family status. As for my late grandad, he was coming from a middle class family & maybe his late anchestor was a warrior.

  2. Family status-that’s the key word.

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