Posted by: syamsalleh | November 16, 2008

Gunung Sibayak

Indonesia has the best sites when speaking about it’s collection of volcanos. A stop in Kaban Jahe and Berastagi in North Sumatra about 2 hours from Medan had brought me to one of this volcano.

Mount Sibayak

Mount Sibayak

We had the opportunity to climb Mount Sibayak and observed the sleeping volcano.  The last eruption was a century ago. Geothermal activity in the form of steam vents and hot springs can be found. Th steam vents producing crystalline sulphur. These sulphurs are still being collected by locals as part of their daily income.

Sulphur Gunung Sibayak

Sulphur Gunung Sibayak

Kaban Jahe and Berastagi are situated on a high. It can be a little chilly during the day but the hot spring kept us warm.

Another fun site to go is the Sipiso-piso waterfall. I didn’t go down but Kamal had a dip in in the cold water. Worth going. The scenary was magnificient.

Si piso-piso waterfall

Si piso-piso waterfall



  1. nk gi sana gak!

  2. look at the sulphur crystallized, Fabulous!!, If u can zoom in should be better..

    piso-piso – what a cute name!, macam nama kucing pulak..

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