Posted by: syamsalleh | November 15, 2008

Jumped from 17th Floor

Early this morning, I had my breakfast at the mamak restaurant just below my apartment. People were gossiping on a tragic news.

At about 3 am this very morning, a drunken Chinese lady from the neighbouring apartment jumped from 17th floor. She was found dead immediately. Her body was shattered. Takutnya!

The reason she jumped still remain undisclosed. Was it a murder? or suicide? I don’t know. Some people, after having enough pressure in life, may do one of these. Murder or suicide.

Was it because of her boyfriend decided to dump her? Or she lost her job? Or the work of ah-long? Who knows?

Just before Depavvali, an Indian girl also jumped and resulted to her death.

So should I jump?



  1. takmoh kwn!~

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