Posted by: syamsalleh | November 11, 2008

The Spy : The Revelation

The secret is out. I will now unvail the spy among us. Look for yourself. Acting suspicously. Beware of him coz he is watching you.

The Spy

The Spy

To date, intelligence fails to identify to which organisation he belongs to nor to whom he reports to. Rumours has it that he works for himself as part of his entertainment which is more dangerous coz you never know when he might go into action.

Fortunately luck is on our side. He may try to listen to our careless whispers to provoke the latest gossip but he is suffering, through my careful investigation and years of observation, minor hearing impairment. So unless you speak out and loud, he won’t be able to hear. He..he..he..



  1. Waaaa.. balas dendam huhuhhu… Sabo2… kesian pokcik spy… tak dapat nak tolong la…, Takpe la pokcik, glamer kejap ahaks…

  2. hahaha…..ade rupe spy ke dia ni?
    dia lg byk bukak crita ade lar……not entitled to be spy yet!

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