Posted by: syamsalleh | November 8, 2008

Blaming Culture

We may think we never get involved in this kind of situations before. I’m not that kind of person. I’m forgiving and gentle. Kindness is my middle name. These statements divinely save ourselves from self-cursing. But how do we know?

We must know that we are increasing less tolerant towards each other. We are becoming more selfish. To add to the confusion, yes, we are part of the blaming culture.

It is us who blame others on every single thing from traffic offenders, cutting lines in supermarkets, nasty words on the roads, to those absurd and ugly facial expressions even monkeys turn their backs at. Are they really to blame or we are just full of hatred and conspiring against others are the motto of the day just like we have mushroom soup on sundays and pumpkin soups on wednesdays?

Even worse we are doing it unconciously. Sleep-walking as some people say. This is not so good!

We have turned ourselves to the person we hate so much without realizing it. Who’s fault is it? When do a little maths we are the ones accounted for these actions. But blaming ourselves are not the ‘soup of the day’. Shame on you!

Let’s take time to think our actions and perhaps put ourselves in others shoes before any judgement. Blaming culture kills our love.

Don’t give love a bad name!



  1. Ohhh, I love Bon Jovi!!

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