Posted by: syamsalleh | November 1, 2008

The spy my friend have become

I’ve been friends with him since 10 years ago. Since then he has changed a lot as everybody else thtough time. Some for the better and unfortunately some are not that encouraging values.

But there is something he is not lack of since the beginning of our friendship. He likes to act like as a spy, breaking into friend’s room looking for answers. The answers he himself are not sure of.

The best part is to derive conclusions from his invstigation, which has nothing wrong if the methodology is right all the sequences way up. But he is the one who likes to jump into conclusion based on perception rather than evidence. Well, the evidence is right under his nose but his verdict would be in contradiction.

p.s. to this friend: Don’t go near to any of my persoanl stuff again. Period.



  1. Syam, write more. You are a good writer and I like reading your stories. My instant comments on this part of your writing is “nothing wrong if he do it for one good intent.” He might wanted to look for something else but along with it, he will always find something else. My apology if I have done anything like that to you…

  2. Ngehheheheheh… i can just laugh!
    Well, syam keep it up your writing!

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