Posted by: syamsalleh | April 1, 2008

Deli Sultanate : Gone But Not Forgoten

Many would ask “Is there such Sultanate?”. They never heard of it before but for the people of Medan, it is one of their past splendour. One of the most prosperous state in Indonesian Archipelago.

Trade with Dutch and adjacent kingdoms like Johor and colonial Malacca and Batavia has made Deli rich. The Sultanate offered gambier and tobacco to the western world.

The glorious past can be seen in Istana Maimon which is still being used by the Sultan of Deli and the royal household. It is the only palace left in Medan after the rest of the Sultanate was under the threat and later gave up to the bloody ‘Revolusi’ headed by Sukarno. The Sultan of Deli was accused to be part of the Dutch’s best friend.

The Istana is the only surviving in Medan. Although the sultan has only a prefix before his name but it’s a clear rememberance of the royal lineage. The Istana is a must see monument with it’s rich Malay architecture.

The Masjid Raya also rich with architecture designs combining Moorish, Malay and colonial influence. It’s serene, peaceful environment is rather inviting and welcomes everybody. Well look and see it for yourself!



  1. Assalamualaikum Syam,

    Nice posting. Good observation and analysis. It would be better if you could write a bit often. And it would be great if you could post photos on your visit to Sultan Deli heritage.

    I would like to quote the famous words from the father of evolution (I did not believe his theory) :

    “Not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most inttelligent but those adaptable to changes…”

    How about the old great power? Why did they collapse?

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