Posted by: syamsalleh | January 12, 2008

What I thought About Separuh Masa by The Lima

I have a new song to my list of favourite songs. According to Kemal, my best friend, my favourite songs only contain age-old songs and most of the singers are apparently dead. Well, Kemal’s favourite things are to comments on others. So the best way to avoid being rudely abused by his words is to pretend nothing happens to your life and it has been boring. It works for all the time. At least for me he..he..he…

Where am I? I got diverted easily these days…

Anyway the song is albeit funky and yet naughty. But It tells you in anyways there are things you need to compromise. You cannot get everything at one time. I’m with the people saying the guys are slut for two timing his wife. But another way to look at it is at least the guys do know the bounds are. Not only that, they have come to agreement, a mutual understanding on their relationship.

Let’s try to find out:

“Jika kau tak menerima khabar, bermakna dia ada di sini” – If don’t receive any news from me, it means she’s here. Well obviously they pick their wives over the part time lover.

“Engkaulah kekasih separuh masa. Dari Isnin sampai Jumaat saja. Jangan kau meminta lebih dari itu” – You are the part time lover. From Monday to Friday only. Don’t ask for more than that.

You know, the Indonesian are great in making good musics and the lyrics can speak direct to your heart.

I like Ungu, Peterpan (Kemal would laugh when hear my confession). Some of Dewa and Radja songs are great too i.e Sedang Ingin Bercinta, Laskar Cinta. Not to mention all time divas like Kris Dayanti.

Actually, we have lots of muical talents like Siti Nurhaliza but we should start composing musics that can give impact. These only could happened if we liberalised our way of thinking on music. What can be said about our musics 20 years ago that there are really powerful in tunes and have deep meaning. To some extent you may even cry.

We always ask ourselves that we have been receiving a lot of foreign musics and we also have this mid-setting that their musics are good. But we should be able to produce such musics if we manage to integrate ourselves to the needs of the people and to integrate local sense with high-tech producing techniques.



  1. My Dear Syam…

    I never thought that you seriously take my words when I mean to jokes. But I know that you like my jokes very much, walaupun kadang2 sakit hati…hehehe

    Bila masanya aku gelak kat ko pasal lagu2 pilihan ko. I know that you have better sensation of music than I am. You did buy Galaxie every single months to keep up with the latest hype in Hollywood. Dan aku tahu yang channel kegemaran ko ialah E! channel kan.

    By the way, congratulations on the blog. I’ve told you so many times that you could make a good writer. Hope this will be your cornerstone to be a great writer…


  2. agree with u syahrul…our composer should write lyrics that can give impact.

    bukan nak agung2 kan lagu from Indonesia, but they are simple yet can touch your heart deep inside.

    anyone listen to letto..”ruang rindu”, theme song for ‘Intan’ series. also one of my fav song

    Bait2nya straight forward yet so touching.

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